Christmas Porch Talk

I don’t fight the crowds shopping on Black Friday. No matter how great the bargain, it is not worth the crowds to me. I do something much more fun…I decorate for Christmas! I start with the porch and put out the red and white plaid and bring the sled and skates out.

I love these little black skates I found several years ago at a thrift store. I brought them home, put a ribbon through them and they are a tradition on my porch in the winter. For Christmas I use red and white plaid, and for the winter I go with a burgundy ribbon.

This picture was used at my old blog that I had several years ago. One of the porch companies ask to use it, and I gave them permission.  Then one evening I am looking through Pinterest when I see this picture.  I think to myself, “Wow, that looks like my skates…and they even used the plaid ribbon I use. Look at that,  the house color is just the same as my house color…OH MY GOSH, it is my picture!!”  Someone had pinned it from the porch site and there it was!  I laughed and was pleased so many people liked the pin. Sigh…I just wished it had my new blog linked to it.

No matter what we are decorating or doing for the holiday, let us remember the reason we do this.  It is because Joy came to us int he form of a sweet, pure baby.  Immanuel, God With Us, the reason we celebrate, decorate, cook and share gifts with each other. May your home be blessed this season with not only beauty, but Joy!

Welcoming friends from the Christmas Home Tour at Inspired Room!

  • Sweet Bee

    Your porch is so beautiful! I love the vintage skates and the ribbon laces too. I used to go out on Black Friday – always to Target, but mostly to get the free bag of goodies they used to give away. Now that I’m a mom I stay home or go to some local stores.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  • Renee

    Oh, how beautiful and inviting it looks. I shop from home, so I like to decorate starting after Christmas…great fun! We have a porch too but I don’t usually put much out there…hmmmm will need to see what I have that can make it through Iowa winters.

  • Lynn

    Love the sled and skates. I had a sled just like that, but it would be older than your, hehe. Love the ribbon in the skates. Terry worked for Radio Shack for several years after we were married and since I took him to work an hour before they opened on Black Friday, I did Penney’s for my Christmas dishes, a few pieces each year. After he retire we never have done Black Friday. Like, you there is nothing I need/want to go to the extreme. However, my daughters both love it. I did something so cool on Saturday, flew with my son in a Cessna! Hop over to my blog and take a look at our “family day”, our gift from Bobby and his lovely wife to our family. Love the photography. Your daughter is quite talented. Blessings.

    • Gayle

      Loved the pics from the plane ride Lynn! The sled was my kids sled and I just pulled it out one year and used it for the porch. It does get used a few times a year by the grand-kids when they are here for a snow.
      So many love Black Friday, I just can’t do the crowds and we are going to keep things simple this year and get the babies something and maybe one gift for each adult to open.

  • Carol

    I’m with you, Gayle! I’m a decorator, not a shopper! I don’t do the Black Friday madness thing either. Although I’m not averse to doing some shopping online…..

  • Jacqueline

    Your porch is pretty gorgeous, Gayle! Love the dusting of snow. LOTS of beautiful photography here.

  • Mindi

    Love, love, love the porch! Those ice skates remind me of skating as a kid on ponds in Maine in the FREEZING cold while my dad was ice fishing. Oh how I hated ice fishing! :)

    • Gayle

      Thank you Mindi! It sounds wonderful in Main, I would love to see it. We don’t have snow often in the lower lands of the northwest, but when we do we celebrate and panic at the same time! LOL! I will stop by later to pay a visit to you.

  • Amanda

    Hi Gayle! I love the sled and skates on your porch! So festive! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving my very first comment. I hope you’ll come back again soon. :)

  • Ruth

    I also don’t like to fight the crowds and so I too decorate for Christmas. I have a big porch and I decorate it and then I also decorate inside. I have a mantel that I put my nativity sets, etc on and my sideboard buffet holds my collection of snowmen. I have a beautiful walnut dresser in my living room that i put a ornament metal tree on and hang personalized ornaments of my 9 grandchildren. I buy a live tree so I wait about 2 weeks later to get it and decorate it. Love your posts.