The Requirements

And what does the Lord require of you?

To act justly,

to love mercy,

and to walk humbly with your God. -Micah 6:8

May you find opportunities this week to give mercy,

to act justly to those around you,

and daily reminders that God is so close, He walks with you.

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  • S. Etole

    I’m thankful I read this tonight. The photo {as are your others} is beautiful.

  • Stacy

    Yes, Lord~

  • Blue Cotton Memory

    Lovely pansies – and I embrace the thought that God is so close He walks me with:)

    • Gayle

      I do too.. and I wonder how much worry and heartache I would spare myself if I always was aware of that.

  • Vhen

    wonderful words! thanks for sharing!

    have a great Sunday!

  • Kristi

    The image is a promise that spring will come…and the words are a beautiful promise also!

  • Susan @ My Place to Yours

    Beautiful pansies – and always a timely verse. I used it recently in a post as well. God must be graciously keeping it before us… May we be faithful to obey. Blessings on this Lord’s day, Gayle.

  • Shelly Miller

    I love mercy, but am not always merciful. Love viola’s in this season and the photo is just beautiful.

  • Sharon O

    I love that verse and your picture is adorable (the little children one)

  • Deidra

    Just three things. Three big things. Enough to fill a lifetime in pursuit…

  • Joanne Norton

    One of my favorite verses. And one of the most accurately necessary for our Walk with HIM!

  • Kerry

    Beautiful verse! Love the pansies!!

  • Modern Country Style

    That verse is so challenging, isn’t it? But it’s one I love. I learnt it from a song when I was little and it’s stuck in my heart ever since. Thank you so much for the timely reminder.